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How to Have a Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo-style wedding for under £800

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo recently captivated social media with their all-out three-day wedding extravaganza. The couple documented every magical moment, flooding Instagram and TikTok with hundreds of photos and videos. Their wedding hashtag has over 436 million TikTok video views.

Nearlyweds podcast hosts Jamie and Sophie spared no expense to ensure that every aspect of their wedding was perfectly captured, employing teams of photographers and videographers. Now you could have a similar experience without breaking the bank.

At Wedding Content Creator UK we offer a unique service that allows couples to hire an undercover guest or professional TikToker who will skilfully capture hundreds of candid photos and videos throughout their special day. The best part? Within 24 hours, you'll receive all the raw footage and photos, enabling you to relive every cherished moment.

Wedding Content Creation and Social Media Weddings are a growing trend in the UK with the #weddingcontentcreator hashtag garnering over 114 million views on TikTok—an astounding 700% increase since December 2022, when it had only 14.6 million views.

Weddings can often feel like a blur. Our job is to capture as many memories from your big day as possible and get them to you before the wedding blues set in.

If a videographer is out of your budget, a content creator is a great alternative way to capture your day at a lower cost.

If you'd like more information about how we can help you with content creation at your wedding, get in touch.

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