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What is a wedding content creator?

A Wedding Content Creator is a person dedicated to capturing photos and videos of your special day. We’re an undercover guest who captures beautiful behind-the-scenes moments so your wedding is remembered for years to come. You'll receive hundreds of photos and videos within 24 hours of your big day.

Reasons to have a wedding content creator


Relive your day instantly

Wake up as a newlywed and relive the best day of your life instantly. We capture intimate candid moments without you realising we’re there.

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Short video clips

A content creator allows you to capture memories from your big day. You’ll get hundreds of short videos to help you reminisce for years to come.


A supportive friend

We'll help you to have the most wonderful, stress-free day. We'll be a supportive friend, a dress fluffer, your personal paparazzi and much more.


Social experts

Our team will be able to help you create the perfect content from your wedding. Whether you plan to post it or not, we can help you tap into the latest trends and capture the best memories.


Take the stress off guests

Couples often ask a friend to capture behind-the-scenes content. Take the stress off your nearest and dearest and ensure moments won’t get missed.


Unplugged ceremony

Allow your guests to be in the moment and avoid your photos being ruined by the sight of 30 phones. Have peace of mind knowing precious memories are being captured by the pros.

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